About Us

OneWind Australia ("OneWind") is an Australian wind energy developer, owner and operator delivering utility scale wind energy projects across the whole of the continent. 

Recent advances in wind turbine technology now mean that generating electricity from wind competes with other forms of electricity generation on cost alone, without the environmental consequences. Therefore, the Australian target of generating 20% of electricity from renewable sources is realistic and achievable.

OneWind is a portfolio company of Denham Capital, the global energy-focused private equity firm with over US$7bn of invested and committed capital under management.  

The projects owned by OneWind will deliver the benefits of low cost renewable energy to Australia, taking advantage of the most recent advances in wind turbine design, which allows the turbines to capture significantly more energy from the available wind and deliver this as electricity to domestic and industrial consumers

The focus of OneWind is on utility scale projects which make a major contribution to meeting Australia’s growing demand for renewable energy.

Currently OneWind has three projects in development: Glen Innes (New South Wales), Lincoln Gap (South Australia) and Walkaway 2 & 3 (Western Australia). You'll find more information on our projects page.